Our core business is "Effective Transformation." We support our clients in the effective implementation of their most significant change topics. Therefore our service begins with the clarification of fundamentals, like the goal of the transformation and the benefits, as well as with the creation of prerequisites for success.

Subsequently we support our clients in the business transformation from beginning to end:
From the as-is analysis and the to-be conception, the moderation of decision-making processes up to the implementation - combined with an appropriate change management.

Reorganization / Business Transformation

Assessments of business models & business situations

Multinational Pre-Merger Assessments & Post-Merger Integration

Turn-around / Revenue & Profitability increase

Supply Chain Management & Procurement Excellence

Negotiations in critical business situations (Negotiator/Commander)

Project-Supervision & “Project Recovery”

Strategic human resource management, leadership development & competence management

Coaching of leadership teams and individuals in critical change situations